Toddler science

This program is intended to serve as a starting point and inspiration for scientific explorations. Your children will be involved in the wide range of hands-on science activities and explore subjects like magnets, bubbles, sound, color, and mysterious mixtures. These activities will spark excitement for discovering, exploring, and inquiring. Chamelea center toddler's workshop is 30 minutes of fun, interactive discovery. Children will see, touch, taste, hear and smell what science is all about!

 Making kitchen music

Rummaging through cabinets and low drawers is usually the firs toddler of business for very young children when they are in the kitchen. Let’s make some music from the truly interesting pots, pan sand dull wooden and plastic utensils. What kinds of sounds can children make with different materials? By exploring the properties of different materials we will introduce the little scientists into the world of sound.

Discovery science bottles

Those bottles will inspire the young kids for scientific explorations. Kids will explore the exciting science like mixtures, bubbles, magnets, sound, sink and float, colors through those bottles.

Hot and cold adventure

Let’s explore the awesome world of chemistry! Learn how to create the heat and cold in the class using chemicals and small living organisms. Young scientist will master their first chemistry skills and feel all the chemical reactions.

 Potions, potions, potions

We will bring wizard science to your toddlers with this workshop. We will create bubbling potions, glowing potions, slimy potions, and art potions.