Matter and Energy

Hot and cold chemistry ( Gr.1)
Let’s explore the awesome world of chemistry! Learn how to create the heat and cold in the class using chemicals and small living organisms.
• This workshop also covers ideas from Life Systems unit

Frozen winter workshop (Gr. 1-2)
It’s Winter Wonderland! With rain, snow, and wind, weather offers an ever-changing variety. In these Winter wonders workshop students create their own ice sculptures, make snow in the classroom and learn haw animals and insects adapt to the cold weather.
• This workshop also covers ideas from Life Systems unit

Pirateology (Gr.1-4)
Students take an adventure back in time to understand the life of pirates. They learn knot tying and flag language, experiment with chemical reactions to investigate treasures, learn how to fish an ice cube, explore the writing and reading of secret messages using acid-base chemistry.

Cooking with science (Gr.1-5)
Cooking with science workshop teaches students how to create awesome snacks and drinks without ovens and fridges, using nothing but science. Students get to make their own fizzy drink, ice cream and gummy worms.

Science magic (Gr.1-6)
Static electricity, gravity, polymers, and optical illusions…. Is it magic or is it science? Students marvel at the magic, learn how to do the tricks, discover the science that makes the magic seem to happen, and learn a little more about the world.

Amazing water (Gr.2)
Water is everywhere. Water is an unusual substance with special properties. Students investigate: 1. How does water rise from the roots of a redwood tree to the very top? 2. How do insects walk on water? 3. Why does ice float rather than sink?

Finding Nemo (Gr.2-5)
Students uncover the origin of the mystery sound in a seashell; make rainbow fish using acid-base chemistry and find out why it’s easier to float in the ocean than in the swimming pool.

The secret of Lava Lamp (Gr.2-5)
Students understand the concept of density, experiment with the liquids with different densities. Uncover the secret of lava lamp and make their own.

Amazing polymers (Gr.2-5)
Students find a secret polymer in a real baby diaper, grow water crystals and explore the things made out of polymers around them.

Sink and Float workshop (Gr.3)
Students investigate why paper clip will sink and cork or big piece of wood would float, they find out how lemon rind and life jacket are connected.

Static electricity (Gr.3-6)
You walk across the rug, reach for the doorknob and..........ZAP!!! You get a shock. Or, you come inside from the cold, pull off your hat and......BOING!!! All your hair stands on end. What is going on here? The answer is: STATIC ELECTRICITY. Students create dancing cobra, remote control roller and experiment with Van de Graaff generator.

Sound of music workshop (Gr.4)
Sounds are all around us . . . cars honking, phones ringing, friends talking, and dogs barking are all sounds you are probably familiar with. So, what is sound? Students play music using water marimba, sound tubes, sound sandwich, and sound bottles.

Mix it up (Gr.5-7)
Water is a necessity in our lives. We use it every day in many different ways: to drink, wash, cook, and help get rid of waste. One of water’s most valuable properties is its ability to dissolve many substances. Students investigate solubility of different materials in the water, observe movement of molecules and find out how to separate salt from sand.

Modern science behind crime scene investigation (CSI) (Gr.5-7)
Students discover secret clues, investigate the motives of cunning suspects, and use scientific techniques of chemical reactions and paper chromatography to uncover solutions to baffling crimes.