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Science Shows and Booths

Chamelea Center now offers incredible science shows for your event entertainment. Each show is an exploration of science and its concepts. Every show can be customised and tuned to your event and age group. The shows are run by our dynamic Chamelea Scientists who are ready to dazzle and amaze your audience with their captivating stories and exciting personalities. Book your show today!!

We have 3 Exciting shows to choose from:

dinosaurs show




In this fantastic show children will explore the reasons why dinosaurs dont walk among us now. We will erupt volcanoes, explore the ice ages and even hold dinosaurs eggs filled with mellennia old smoke! This is a show that will surely intrigue any young mind.

Science Magic Show PNG

What are the three cornerstones of science? Physics, Chemistry and Biology! In this incredible science experience we will explore those 3 in a scientifically magical way! We will look for missing water, hold bubbles made out of dry ice, and erupt foamy volcanoes! This show is a fantastic way for anyone to learn basic science and explore a world they have never seen before.

Drogonology PNG

Dragons have been a force of wonder and destruction in the world of mythology. In this exciting theme the children will get to learn about the 4 elemental dragons and explore their mythology through unique elemental experiments. Whether they really existed or are just an incredible tale, dragons will always grab our fiery imagination! 

More information coming soon about booths!