Kid’s Birthday Party Vaughan

Kids Birthday Party VaughnYour child’s birthday party is a very important event. In the early years, a birthday party Vaughan is a stepping stone in their development and growth, and every birthday party should be made exciting and memorable. You want the kids to have fun, interact and enjoy an altogether great experience in a friendly and safe environment. What’s more, you do not want to deal with the mess, leftover food and scattered toys and crayons that every kids birthday party leaves behind.Taking the party to Chamelea Science and Party Center will solve those problems and elevate this experience to an entire new level! Forget the mess and the necessity to worry about games and entertainment. We have it all right here, with a variety of themes and exciting entertainment packages for you to choose from!
  • Convenient Location
Have a home party close to home - Chamelea’s kid’s birthday party in Vaughan is perfect for you. Our staff consists of professional and caring individuals that will create a truly magical, festive event for your child to enjoy. We believe that learning is an integral part of a child’s growth, and all our programs have the important added value of a real learning experience.
  • Different Themes
Chamelea Science and Party Center will gladly take your child to an expedition in outer space or guide them through a thrilling detective story. We create real experiences for the children, ones that will be remembered for years and will benefit and enrich them in the future. Dinosaurs, Fairy Tale Castles, Pirate Stories and trips to Ancient China and Egypt are only a part of the amazing destinations your kids can enjoy when we plan their birthday party for you.
  • Great Service
Our catering staff will bring in cakes, cookies and other delectables and clean it all up without you having to worry about a thing. The service you get is an all-encompassing world of joy that will leave you as worry-free as you want your beloved child to be. You will enjoy a new experience unlike any party that you have had to organize and orchestrate yourself - have fun with your kids and share in the excitement, leaving all worries behind!We are the best known and most popular kids birthday party Vaughan location, and for a good reason. We have everything you need for a great party. Our space can be adapted to any party theme - from pirate ship to outer space! We provide great entertainment for the children, ranging from clowns and magicians, to video and board games and other great experiences.

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