Holiday workshops

Frozen Science Winter Workshop
Explore the science of ice and snow in this Holiday workshop! Experiment with artificial snow, make a magic growing crystal tree and colorful ice sculptures .Then explore cooking lab to see how ice cream is made!

Valentine’s Day Science Workshop
Make gifts for your favorite valentine while exploring bubbling, fizzing chemistry! Students explore acids and bases and erupt some really cool volcanoes, then apply what they’ve learned to make fabulous bath bombs in the shape of cupcakes and bonbons!

Spring science: Great Eggspectations
Get ready for spring by exploring the science of the incredible eggs! Explore incredibly strong shape of the eggs. Investigate the common things between a three-dimensional arch and eggs. Learn to make an egg vacuum, a rubber egg, and tie-dye eggs.

Mother’s Day special workshop: Beauty and Science
Beauty and science join forces in this Mother’s day special workshop. Equipped with a few simple ingredients, students transform every-day household items like bicarbonate soda and water into a bath bombs. Or for a more glamorous touch, some bees wax and cocoa butter can be used to make an all-natural lip gloss. They finish up with making their own marbled paper and have the perfect Mother’s Day gift for that someone special.

Harvest workshop
This special workshop introduces students to the amazing science behind Harvest. Students do fun and educational activities like writing with the help of chemistry; learn how to preserve fruits and veggies with the help of science, or how vital is the soil for cultivating healthy crops, and how worms can help.