Daycare workshops

teacherChamelea Center is hands-on & minds-on programming for young children. Our daycare workshops are veritable in-class field trips. Your children can learn about color, sound, planets, dinosaurs and much, much more.


List of topics 

  • Astronauts and outer space Eating is an essential activity for every living organism. Here on Earth, we humans can drive to the grocery store, visit a McDonald's drive thru, or open the refrigerator and cupboards to choose the foods we want to eat. We can then turn on the faucet to wash ingredients and cook meals on the stove or grill, or in the microwave – all without fear of our food floating away. Astronauts do not have these same conveniences and choices. So how do they eat and cook in outer space? Children  discover all the secrets from this yummy workshop.
  • The mystery of Ancient Egypt  From pyramids to mummies, hieroglyphs to pharaohs, Egypt has always fascinated kids. Discover the Land of the Pharaohs! Master the skills of making mummies. Learn Egyptian writing and solve the mystery of Great Sphinx. Investigate the stable structure of the pyramids.
  • Why are dinosaurs extinct? Children will delve into the asteroid and volcano theories of dinosaur’s extinction. They will observe the destroying force of rising magma and erupt their own chemical and biological volcanoes.
  • Journey deep inside our Earth Children learn about the layers of the Earth, make their own sweet model of Earth, experiment with the different types of lava and make chocolate lava pillows.
  • Journey into the past  Children explore the geologic timeline and step into the Mesozoic era. They become paleontologists while exploring and making different types of fossils.
  • Why do we call Earth a “blue planet”? Children make their own ocean in the flask, make waves and follow the journey of the water droplet around the Earth.
  • Amazing animals Why polar bears and owls are white? How penguins keep warm? Why spiders don’t stick to their web? What is common between glow sticks and lizards?
  • The magic of making rain Whether it's raining outside or not, there are some fun rain activities. Children  learn how to make cloud, make their own rain, explore rain with their senses, and discover why we see rainbows after rain.
  • Science of Music Boom, tap, smack, cha-cha-cha. Feel, hear, and see the vibrations of sound. Test different types of instruments like water marimba, ukulele and sound tubes. Examine the loud and quiet rhythms that make music rock!
  • Cooking with science  Cooking with science  teaches the children how to create awesome snacks and drinks using nothing but science. Children get to make their own fizzy drink, ice cream, and and swirl designs of milk.
  • Moving molecules Children explore the three states of matter, watch movement of tiny molecules and figure out how to distinguish hard boiled egg from the raw egg.
  • Color splash Welcome to the exciting world of color! How fast can you make 24 different colors using only red, yellow and blue water? Children experiment by adding droplets of primary color to the 24 tiny mixing wells and create a wizard of colors. They make a brilliant pocket-rainbow from tiny white” pebbles” that absorb up to 300 times their weight in water.
  • Amazing polymers Children find a secret polymer in a real baby diaper, grow water crystals and explore the things made out of polymers around them.
  • Food chemistry Children learn and make the fun chemicals reactions: change of colors, explosions. They  make soft eggs  and understand why should we clean our teeth. They polish pennies by using taco sauce and make a real butter.
  • Static electricity  You walk across the rug, reach for the doorknob and..........ZAP!!! You get a shock, or, you come inside from the cold, pull off your hat and......BOING!!! All your hair stands on end. What is going on here? The answer is: STATIC ELECTRICITY.
  • The secret of Lava Lamp  Children understand the concept of density, experiment with the liquids with different densities.  They uncover the secret of lava lamp and make their own.
  • All about eggs Is an egg a fragile substance? Hard boiled or raw egg? How to make floating and rising egg? How to get whole egg into the bottle without harming the egg?

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