Educational Classes

Our educational classes will introduce your children into interesting, entertaining and extremely varied world of modern science, history and art. Every child becomes an investigator, immersed in innovative, hands-on experimental activities. Each class runs for ten weeks during Fall, Winter, Spring. You can register your child for one or more terms.Our 2017 Fall Classes Registration has already begun. Classes start the week of October 16th, 2017. Educational classes are taught by passionate, professional Scientists and Artists. Class size is kept at a minimum to ensure quality instruction and guidance. Teacher to student ratio is 1:8. Register soon & inspire curiosity and creativity in your child!
  •  Wonders of science
  • Course Fee:  $150 / 10 classes
  • Ages: 4.5 - 7y
  • Class duration: 60min
  • Teacher-Student Ratio:  1:8
  • Day Offered: Tuesday 4:30pm/ 6:00pm,  Sunday 9:30am
Course Description:bugboyDelve into the adventures of science! Children will discover the answers on questions most frequently asked about the world around us: like why are dinosaurs extinct, or why doesn't a spider get stack in its own web? It's not easy to be knowledgeable in all walks of science, but here's lively help for when the questions start coming. Every class will explore a different scientific walk. Children will take the science in their hands and surprise themselves and everyone around them with their own unique creations. Let the magic of science begin!
  • Science Explorer Lab
  • Course Fee: $150/ 10 classes
  • Ages: 8-10
  • Class duration: 60min
  • Teacher-Student Ratio:  1:8
  • Day Offered: Wednesday 6:30pm
Course Description: Every class that we design at Chamelea Center, begins with a fundamental question that is asked by kids everyday, and then hands-on science is used as a vehicle for engaging, discovering, and learning through actually experience, not just explanation. Kids will experiment with and discover core science principles of pressure, weather, electricity, sound. Kids will love finding out how everything works and doing real experiments with real test tubes, pipettes and microscopes.
  • Little Lab
  • Course Fee: $120/ 10 classes
  • Ages: 3-5
  • Class duration: 60min
  • Teacher-Student Ratio:  1:8
  • Day Offered: Friday 11:00am
Course description:This program is intended to serve as a starting point and inspiration for scientific explorations. Each theme included small and large group activities which can be adapted to any environment. Your child will be involved in the wide range of hands-on science activities and explore subjects like magnets, bubbles, sound and mysterious mixtures. These activities will spark excitement for discovering, exploring, and inquiring. 
  • Story Time Science
  • Course Fee:  $75 / 8 classes
  • Ages: 3 - 4
  • Duration of the class: 45min
  • Teacher-Student Ratio:  1:8
  • Day Offered: Monday 11:00am ,Thursday 11:00
Course description:Designed especially for younger kids, this 45-minute class develops curiosity, creative thinking, confidence and friendship. Classes feature a weekly story and science experiment that build from week to week around familiar science themes. Class is attended by both child and caregiver.