Party Ideas

Dinosaur Adventure

Dinosaur adventure

“NEW”        Explore the time of the greatest beasts in our planet’s history. See how they lived and how they vanished right off the face of the Earth. Explore the asteroid which began it all and create experiments based on the extinction event!

Ancient Civilizations

Ancient civs

 “NEW”   Travel back in time in this amazing new workshop, we took our most popular ancient civilizations and combined them into one incredible journey into the past! Explore ancient Egypt, Greece and China and find out what scientific wonders these ancient people have given us!

Minions© Science


Minions character available for additional charge

“NEW”      What makes a true minion? Is it the overall? Is it the goggles? Or maybe it’s love for bananas? Well, whatever it is, we are sure you child would love to become a true Minion in our brand new MINIONS© birthday theme. Learn all about the science of yellow and blue and take your thirst for world domination to the next level!

Frozen© Science


Frozen character available for additional charge

“NEW”      The most beloved Disney movie in recent years has now come to Chamelea! Learn all about the amazing science behind Elsa’s magical snow powers, warm up your heart with Anna’s kindness and enjoy a frosty science adventure with all your favourite FROZEN© characters. In this brand new and immersive theme we are sure that your child will enjoy the wonder of  FROZEN© while learning all about frozen science!

Crime Scene Investigation


(age 9 -14)

Have you ever dreamed about becoming a detective? You and your party guests will join us in solving a perplexing mystery. You will discover secret clues, investigate the motives of cunning suspects, and use scientific techniques of biochemistry and molecular biology to uncover solutions to  baffling crimes.

*Scenarios vary depending on the age of the birthday child.

Space Explorer

Outer Space

(age 7-9)

Embark on your adventure into a Martian World with the Outer Space Explorer birthday party. Learn all about our amazing planets and the science of the solar system. Meet some aliens along the way and even make your own alien slime!!!

Perfume Creation


(age 8-14)

This unforgettable birthday party introduces young perfumers to the history and science behind fragrance design. Follow your nose on a fragrant journey through the art of making perfumes. Experiment with countless fragrance combinations on your way to becoming a master perfumer. Make your own perfumes according to Ancient Egyptians recipes.

Take home your scented creations!



(age 6-9)

ARGGG!! Welcome to the sea faring science of PIRATES! first become a pirate by learning how to talk like one, then go on a journey across the seven seas and learn all about the ways pirates survived the ocean! Lastly roll through the morning fog into the unknown in this incredibly fun swashbuckling science adventure.



(age 5-11)

“NEW”      The science behind everything that is gross!! Snot, slime, and ooey gooey worms! Explore the world of polymers and create some of the grossest things imaginable, use them to creep out your parents or just squeeze them in your hands and feel the awesomeness. This party is the sure fire hit you were looking for!

Finding Nemo

Explore the Ocean

(age 5-9)

If you have any fishy or watery inspiration-this party will be for you.  In our Finding Nemo themed birthday party, the children will follow the undersea adventure of the small clownfish Nemo. Together we will grow tiny fish egg, create clownfish using acid-base chemistry and learn how to survive in the dangerous ocean.

Bubble Mania

Bubble Mania

Bubble mania takes everything you love about bubbles and turns it upside down. You will be able to make GIANT BUBBLES, small bubble, shaped bubbles and even unpoppable bubbles. You will learn why bubbles take on the shape they do and be able to make a bubble last twice as long!

Cooking with Science

Cooking W Science

(age 4-10)

Picture a situation like this: No heat, No Gas, No Freezer, and NO microwave, but you’re hungry what do you do. Cooking with science will teach your kids how to create awesome snacks and drinks using nothing but science. The kids will get to make their own fizzy drink, make ice cream, and lastly a surprise that will leave all your kids’ sweet tooth satisfied.

Fairy Tale Science


(age 5-7)

Have you ever wondered how the Fairy God Mother from Cinderella made a pumpkin grow giant, how the mermaid made her beautiful ice necklace? Come and explore how the world’s most famous fairy tales work and get all the inside details on their magic and charm in our party.

Princess character (extra $25)

Science Magic

Science Magic

(age 4 and up)

What is the difference between Magic and Science Magic? Have you ever seen a magician revealing the secrets behind his magic tricks? Probably not, but our Science magic theme is not just going to amaze the young audience. It will expose the science behind missing water, holding bubbles made out of dry ice, erupting foamy volcanoes, and other exciting science tricks. This theme is a fantastic way for anyone to learn basic science and explore a world they have never seen before.





Science Magic Show

Science magic Show

(age 4 and up)

So you’ve done hands-on science before, you’ve had all the blah blah talked into you but have you ever wanted to just create your own science show and present it to your own parents. Well now you can…With our NEW “Science Magic Show” party you will come with us on a journey into the world of science where you will learn many amazing experiments AND afterwards get to show it all to your parents and guests! Come join the fun of being a scientist in this amazing new party.