Birthday Party in Etobicoke

EtobicokeNo one can resist a good party. Though, where are all the good ideas? Themes nowadays are very generic and could use a pick-me-up! Wouldn’t you say? Some exciting new ideas for birthday party in Etobicoke that may cater to your interests include:

Chamelea Enrichment Center is a center for science, art, and fun- providing different science and art based theme parties that deal with equal parts creativity, education and fun, fun, fun! There are never ending themes to cater to your child and their desires, some include:
  • Birthday Party EtobicokeCooking with Science: Cooking with science will teach your kids how to create awesome snacks and drinks using nothing but science. The kids will get to make their own fizzy drink, make ice cream, and lastly a surprise that will leave all your kids’ sweet tooth satisfied.
  • Why Are Dinosaurs Extinct?: In this amazing new party your child will start from the beginning, from the birth of the dinosaurs right up to the point of the extinction event.
  • Fairy Tale Science: Come and explore how the world’s most famous fairy tales work and get all the inside details on their magic and charm in our party.
And many more!Though, where you’re situated may often be difficult to work with based on your location and the location of your birthday party place, no thanks to distance - or even due to the lack of party places in your area, you may unsuccessfully find a party place that caters to your needs. Thankfully, on the other hand, Chamelea is conveniently located on Limestone Crescent, Toronto Ontario.Still, if that serves you any problems, we have another trick up our sleeve.  We present to you the ability to have Chamelea, come to you and host a one hour long birthday party in Etobicoke in your home. Chamelea saves you and your guests the inconvenience of long distance travel while providing you with all of the perks and amazing features of our science-based parties to your specific theme. Fees vary on the out-of-center location you wish to host your Birthday party at. Ranges are from minimum $185- $215, tax included.With an exciting, dream-team staff and their dedication to children’s fun and learning, Chamelea offers you an amazing opportunity for a loved-by-all Birthday Party. Contact Us to book your birthday party today!