After School Programs in Toronto

workshopsLooking for an exciting way for your child to grow and develop using science, art and fun? At Chamelea Enrichment Centre, we think about games that put your child in the role of a scientist, explorer and artist. The children will love to take part in workshops to learn new things about the world around them through our after school programs in Toronto! These hands-on, one-hour science programs spark the curiosity in children and include topics from modern science, history and art.

With a multitude of different after school programs in Toronto to choose from, there is certainly one suited for the curiosity and desires of your fun-loving child. Some of our many science-based programs include:

  • Journey into the Past: Children explore the geologic timeline and step into the Mesozoic Era, becoming paleontologists while exploring and making different types of fossils.
  • The Secret of the Lava Lamp: Children understand the concept of density, experiment with the liquids with different densities; uncover the secret of the Lava Lamp and make their own.
  • CSI: Children discover secret clues, investigate the motives of cunning suspects and use scientific techniques of chemical reactions and paper chromatography to uncover solutions to baffling crimes.

And many more!

Chamelea Center’s workshops and after school programs in Toronto are age - appropriate for children years 3 - 12.  Children engaged in exciting hands-on activities, watch spectacular demonstrations, participate in inquiry-based discussions and take home things that they have made themselves. Our programs are always fun and interactive! All programs are led by trained, qualified, and entertaining instructors with a passion for science and teaching. All of our workshops are:

  • age-appropriate for children aged 3-12
  • 60-minutes long and span over an 8-week session blocks
  • easy to plan and hassle-free to run
  • led by trained, qualified, and entertaining instructors
  • hands-on and interactive. There is always something for the children to take home

 Contact Us to book for your  After School Program Toronto, and see your student's curiosity and intelligence continue to flourish. We look forward to having your students learn, create and grow with us!