About Us

Official story of Chamelea Science and Birthday Party Center:

Chameleons, just like children adapt to their surroundings. They have moods and depending on that mood that’s how they act, it’s the same with chameleons only they just change their colors because it’s cool. Children instinctively respond to what is going on around them, in many cases just like the 360 degree vision of the chameleon. We at Chamelea Science and Birthday Party Center (by the way its chameleon for short) have taken this idea of intuition and curiosity and made a whole center designed to stimulate your child’s growth and development through science, history, art and above all FUN!P.S. Our name is Chamelea, because we had an amazing pet chameleon named Benjamin which gave us the idea of this amazing center for kids.

About our Founder

The center was founded with a goal to inspire young mind using science, art and fun. Our founder Dr. Alina S. Kotler, had that in mind when she sought to create an innovative learning and party experience. Doing research in Sick Kids Hospital, Alina wanted to take the great experience of experimentation and to bring it forth to young kids everywhere.Creating this facility was a great triumph. With years of science under her belt, Alina has created one of the most unique and thoughful birthday centers around. From the laboratory to your birthday party there is sure to be something interesting that Alina and the Chamelea staff have to offerAlina knows first hand how children think, since she has two young daughters, both of the ages we cater to here at Chamelea Science and Birthday Party Center.

About our Staff

At Chamelea our number one priority is the children, but for that to be achieved we must have an excellent staff. Our staff have all been interested in science for as long as they can remember, and are able to transfer that enthusiasm to our birthday parties and workshops. We pick and choose the best and brightest to be on our roster, and we know and feel that our staff will make your experience with Chamelea an unforgettable one.